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Vehicle Conversion Details

TPSV teams modify all kinds of vehicles to a variety of secure transport. TPSV patented techniques and equipment include armoring, secure opening systems, CCTV day and night (infrared) and real-time remote GPS transport control. Key features are high strength integral armor, bullet-proof windows, storage area secured by AirLock System, secure space for escort staff, remote monitoring and control.


TPSV anti-cut HTTPE armored panels are made with the lightest material available, ballistic tested and approved for more than five years by independent third party leading laboratories. TPSV Panels can stop steel-jacket rounds such as AK47 MSC (7.62x39mm) and NATO Ball (7.62x51mm). Armor piercing (AP) rounds may be stopped when used in combination with ceramic strike face


All vehicle access, openings and closures are secured by multiple TPSV control systems including Finger Scanner, RFID Reader, multi angle OEM CCTV Cameras, Infrared Cameras, and engine Emergency Stop system Remotely controlled. The software for our security system is developed only for us, patented and protected it is tailor-made which you cannot buy elsewhere in the market.


Follow your vehicle with the TPSV GPS Tracking Solution, ensure delivery times, reduce hazardous driving, real time status report, everywhere, every time, programmed route change or unexpected stop alert, keep control in real time, vehicle status, vehicle position, vehicle direction, travel itinerary and vehicle event registration, the TPSV tracking system is easy to use and fast to install.


Each door has an infrared door sensor to monitor the position, and in integrated lock sensor to monitor the lock. The door must be closed and locked to be considered closed by the system. Cannot be bypassed with magnets or other devices.


Human Machine Interface 7” Touch Screen tablet used for system config, feedback, mode control and code exchange. Also used for monitoring CCTV.

Variable Distance Limiter

There are 3 settings for the Distance limiter, Short, Medium and Long. This is set via the config page of the HMI. For example, Short 50m, Medium 500m, Long 1000m.

Code Exchange

Used when the crew needs to change secure mode. Crew reports the vehicle number, mode in, mode to, and code, base replies with a unique code.

No Key Operation

Door operates with RFID card, Door buttons and Fingerprint reader. In secure mode, permission to open door must be given by the crew member in the cabin.

CCTV System

8 Cameras – 1080P, Infrared, NVR, Wifi/3G/LTE streaming to Service center. Cameras viewed via HMI. Video accessed and downloaded via Wifi or Lan cable.

Vehicle Control

The engine can be disabled by the system if the vehicle speed is less that 20km/hr. The vehicle can be fitted with runflat tire inserts, 130km range, speed up to 100km/hr.


Our custom-developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) system allows you to maintain control in different modes of operation: Park mode, Depo mode, Secure mode, SOS mode.


Equipped with a multiple high resolution video system with infrared mode, the contents and the surroundings of your vehicle will be recorded and checked in real time by the carrier or the control center. With the HMI system the crew can choose to select a more secure mode, but will needs permission to select a less secure mode. Permission is given by the controller via the code exchange system.
Variable Distance Limiter/Anti Drive Away.

  • Fingerprint Reader used to confirm that the correct crew is onboard.

  • OEM side door integrated into security system.

  • Infrared door position sensors, integrated door lock sensors.

  • HD CCTV infrared system.

  • The vehicle can be fitted with run flat tire inserts.