Technical panels


It is fitted with composite ballistic products and lightweight protection panels produced by TPSV to stringent international industry standards. 

It is modified with security armoring providing maximum security for transporting and processing of cash and other valuable cargo.



TPSV develops a range of Cash-in-Transit vehicles using Composite Ballistic Products and Protection Panels produced in house to stringent international industry standards. Using the latest technology in Ballistic protection enables the vehicles to be operated within their original Gross Vehicle Weight.

Fitted with a 7” touchscreen tablet (HMI) used for system configuration, feedback, mode control and code exchange, the HMI allows drivers to retain control in different modes of operation – Park Mode, Depo Mode, Secure Mode and SOS Mode.

HMI is also used for monitoring the CCTV system. The CCTV system operates by 8 cameras, 1080P, Infrared, NVR, Wifi/4G/LTE, IP screening to the Service Center.

HMI is used for the distance limiter where trips can be capped at preset distances before sounding an alarm to the Service Center for exceeded distances. The vehicle engine can also be remotely disabled. CIT vehicles can also be fitted with optional run flat tyres, typically with a range of up to 130km and a safe travelling speed of up to 100km/h.

Door security is custom for each customer and can be a combination of RFID card, door buttons and fingerprint reader, or other biometrics. For example, in secure mode permission to open the vault door must be given by a crew member in the cabin.

TPSV specializes in making the vehicle system work with your internal procedures, requirements and payload.

Medium van cash in transit


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