Technical panels

Product item

The easy way to create the new product item is you can duplicate the existing item and edit the content inside

Go to Posts > Hover on the post in the same category > Click on EA Duplicator and then edit the content inside

Setup page #

  • Tick the category
  • Upload Featured image
  • Add Custom fileds : Name = brochure , Value = ID of downloads button (Read more about Dowloads)

Category button #

Use Shortcode

[dropdown_product_related name="CASH IN TRANSIT"]

Put the button name in name=””

Product list #

Select Category in Categories filter

Hero banner #

  1. Create banner in Smart slider (Smart slider) or can just use the image element
  2. Select slide

Hero Icon #

  1. Click the icon
  2. Edit icon and title in the left panel

Gallery #

Click the Image Gallery on the left panel and upload image to the gallery

Download button #

Copy shortcode from Dowloads and place in this area