TPSV at The Silk Road Cash & Payments​

TPSV at The Silk Road Cash & Payments

Almaty, March 29th, 2023 – RMA Group were proud sponsors of The Silk Road Cash & Payments Conference which took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan from March 27th-29th. It was attended by Roger Immel – General Manager Sales from Technical Panels.


The inaugural Silk Road Cash & Payments Conference is an initiative that brings global knowledge and experience to Central Asia and surrounding regions and markets.


The conference attracted 135 delegates from 66 organizations, 19 Central Banks, and 32 countries. The event provided a valuable platform for networking and collaboration among participants and follows on the Roger Immel ran the Technical Panels booth single handedly and it proved to be a major networking and lead generator for TPSV.

TPSV Success in Specialized Markets

TPSV Success in Specialized Markets

Technical Panels Special Vehicles (TPSV) are specialist cash-in-transit (CIT) manufacturers. It has expanded their composite panels manufacturing business, to specialize in both CIT and prisoner transport fit out, TPSV has carved a niche for themselves as product specialists.

Operational and regulatory requirements make the CIT and prisoner transport markets extra challenging. Technical crews need to adhere to protocols set out by insurance companies and industry bodies that are unique to each country. Additionally, sales lead times for these vehicles run slower in comparison to other automotive modifications.

Michael Tiller, General Manager of TPSV, based in Thailand, delves into what it takes to stand out as an industry leader in a specialized market. Adapt to remain on top “Adaptability has never been more crucial to businesses. TPSV was early to adapt our offerings to clients’ needs. By fitting CIT vehicles with composite material rather than steel, we were able to keep each vehicle lightweight, allowing for clients to pack more into each vehicle without running the risk of overloading.”

There are variety base cash-in-transit vehicles in each country such as the 1 ton pickup truck. Adaptability allows companies to be more resource efficient. By creating a kit of internal components like sensors and doors that stretch to fit different vehicle sizes, the TPSV team saved resources and time on creating new components for each client.

Local market knowledge

Michael adds that acquiring local market knowledge is crucial for the business. “If you’re able to understand the unique nature of the niche market you’re operating in; you can set yourself apart. This is where research and deep market knowledge come to play.”

However, TPSV technicians can work on any vehicle platform as they build the composite panels in house. Many customers will purchase their own vehicles and then send them for the CIT fit out.  TPSV receives customers’ vehicles in its tax free zone manufacturing facility in Thailand,  performs the complete fit out and then sends the vehicles back to their destinations.


Know your customers

The CIT business is particularly tough because of how purpose-built it is. On the sales side, targeting is everything – this business demands intimate knowledge of each clients’ needs, budget availability and buyer readiness. An inquiry for a vehicle can take up to two years to complete from the point of initial contact.

“The cash in transit business is very specialized. After a certain amount of time you get to know the market very well. The sales process is very targeted, you’re tracking 30 company contacts and keeping them in the loop,” states Michael.

In niche markets, it’s paramount to understand your clients inside-out. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to keep the conversation running. TPSV has a full-time sales manager speaking with customers every day.

Through deep customer knowledge, ongoing sales efforts and nurturing customer relations, TPSV has secured customers from Australia, across the Asia Pacific region and to the Middle East including G4S, one of the world’s largest security services companies.

Be accommodating

You always want to be accommodating, but especially so in specialized sectors. With the number of competitors already lower than in other markets, doing so helps you shine.

For TPSV, this means adapting equipment to match clients’ operating systems. Each customer in the cash-in-transit business has their own internal system that crew members must follow during day-to-day vehicle operations. These systems deal with everything from how to exit the vehicle and who can access the cash vault. By being accommodating, TPSV is saving clients the headache of running multiple internal systems.

A specialized market is risky in many ways – overreliance on one client and not reaching potential customers are just some of the scary bits. But by applying these lessons, TPSV has found ways to reach and nurture the right customer relationships and shine in its niche.

TPSV Joined ICCOS 2022

TPSV Joined ICCOS 2022


September 5th, Manila 2022 -Technical Panels Special Vehicles (TPSV), had a very successful time at this year’s ICCOS 2022 Asia Cash Cycle Seminar held in Manila on 5th – 7th September.

The annual event is the premier gathering for executives of the Asian cash industry, with multiple heads of corporations, security companies and decision makers attending.

After two virtual events in 2020 and 2021, this year’s event was once again a face to face gathering enjoying a particularly good turnout.

Roger Immel – General Manager Sales TPSV, single-handedly ran the TPSV booth and it proved to be a major networking and lead generator for TPSV.

TPSV have been participating in ICCOS for the last ten years in a row.


Daimler Truck Purchase Agreement


RMA Automotive have entered into a Framework Purchase Agreement with Daimler Truck AG. This agreement is independent of and separate to the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Framework Purchase Agreement entered into between RMA Automotive and Mercedes-Benz in March of this year.

Daimler Truck is one of the world’s largest  vehicle manufacturers. The company split from Mercedes-Benz in December 2021 and manufactures extensive lines of heavy duty Trucks and Busses. Besides Mercedes-Benz Trucks it owns well-known brands such as Fuso, Freightliner, Western Star and newcomer BharatBenz dedicated to the Indian market. It employs over  100,000 people at more than 40 manufacturing locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America with  numerous sales and service locations in most countries in the world.

Under the agreement, RMAA will now be able to purchase Daimler Trucks directly from Daimler for the purposes of modification and conversion and for resell of these trucks worldside (excluding blacklisted and sanctioned countries).

Pricing is set almost at wholesale level which puts RMAA in a very competitive position to sell modified and built-for-purpose Daimler Trucks.

The available range of trucks covers the Mercedes-Benz Actros series, Atego, Arocs, Econic, Unimog and Zetros.

A part of the Daimler Trucks division, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has been a hallmark of premium quality for more than 100 years. The brand stands for reliability and economic efficiency, as well as for superior product and service quality and comprehensive expertise in the area of customer-oriented transport solutions.

Be it for long-haul, construction site, or distribution transportation, the Mercedes-Benz brand offers the right solution for the light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty truck segments.

RMA Automotive, RMA Special Vehicles and TPSV (Technical Panels Special Vehicles) perform vehicle modifications for a range of applications covering medical, police and rescue, security and industrial. Providing Access to Daimler Trucks is a key component to expanding the companies’ extensive product offerings and at competitive prices.

RMAA companies gain access to the Daimler Trucks BB Portal which contains extensive engineering data. They will also have the full support of Daimler HQ engineers to assist with vehicle modifications if required. A dedicated key account manager for RMAA  is  in place at Daimler HQ.


As part of the Agreement, Daimler Trucks will retain their manufacturer’s warranties. Customers’ warranty claims will be covered in every market by the local Daimler organization.

RMA Automotive and Mercedes-Benz Framework Purchase Agreement

Mercedes-Benz Framework Purchase Agreement

RMA Automotive and Mercedes-Benz Framework Purchase Agreement

March 24th, 2022. RMA Automotive announced that it has entered into a Framework Purchase Agreement with Mercedes-Benz AG. The Framework Purchase Agreement, enables RMAA to purchase new Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles as a Body Builder for the purpose of modification and resale. The commercial vehicles are the Sprinter, Vito, V-Class and Citan.

RMAA already has a body builder relationship with Mercedes-Benz and recently TPSV, RMAA’s specialist manufacturers of cash-in-transit vehicles using lightweight composite panels, completed a consignment of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cash-in-Transit vehicles for a long standing customer The new agreement builds on this body builder relationship by streamlining the purchase of new vehicles direct from the factory.

Roger Immel, General Manager TPSV Sales stated, “We are extremely pleased to have reached this point after a long and thorough evaluation process. Our own company values, enshrined in our high standards of workmanship, engineering and customer service, reflect those of Mercedes-Benz. We look forward to building on these shared principles and growing this relationship in the future.”

RMA Special Vehicles will offer all their specialist modifications for Emergency Response, Police & Security and Industrial Vehicles across the range of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. “Mercedes-Benz build some of the best commercial vehicles in the world and this agreement lets us be even more competitive providing customers an even wider product offering. We have multiple customers requesting Mercedes-Benz vehicles and we will be tendering on many new exciting body builder projects with Mercedes-Benz,” said Seb Robertson, General Manager, Global Modification Sales for RMA Special Vehicles.

RMA Special Vehicles are produced at RMA Automotive’s manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa and Australia. Vehicles are sold to customers globally with over 100,000 vehicles delivered.

About RMA Special Vehicles

RMA Special Vehicle Modifications are performed on a wide range of vehicles for a variety of different applications. Categories include  Emergency Rescue (Ambulances, Medical Transport, Fire Rescue & Police), Security (Defense, Security, Cash-in-Transit), Industrial (Commercial & Mining), and RMA X (4X4 and Right-hand Drive Conversions, Off-road modifications and accessories).

RMA Special Vehicles are expertly engineered, from the ground up. Engineers develop the prototype with purpose-built parts, which is then extensively tested before it enters production.

RMA Special Vehicles are produced at RMA Automotive’s global manufacturing plants in Thailand,  Turkey, Dubai, South Africa and Australia.

Specialists in the manufacture of Cash-in-Transit Vehicles, TPSV, a member of RMA Group, use  patented ultra-light composite materials for paneling and ballistic grade armoring.

About RMA Automotive

RMA Automotive is a major global supplier of special modified vehicles, fleets, accessories, parts, after sales support and technician training. RMA Automotive has been producing Special Modified Vehicles for over 30 years, with over 100,000 vehicles delivered globally. RMA Automotive specialize in engineering, product development, fleet hub services, logistics and distribution, and vehicle storage for a range of  customers with diverse needs, including governments, international  aid organizations, and multinational companies who rely on the large-scale capacity and high quality standards.

RMA Automotive, is headquartered in Thailand, at its 90,000m2 Assembly & Distribution Center, in Laem Chabang Free Zone. Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Turkey, Dubai, South Africa and Australia.

About RMA Group

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, RMA Group employs over 8,000 people and has an operational presence in 14 countries. RMA is the partner of choice for leading automotive, equipment, services and food brands in Southeast Asia and beyond. Operations consist of  RMA Automotive special vehicle manufacturing, distribution, retail and fleet hub services; RMA heavy and agricultural equipment distribution, EFG food franchising and delivery services, engineering and financial services. RMA Automotive manufacturing plants are situated in Thailand,  Myanmar, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, and Australia. Ford Global Fleet Sales is the global export distributor for Ford with offices in the US and Dubai.