Technical panels

Capybara developed by Technical Panels is a purpose-built armored vehicle with flexible exterior configurations
which can fit on any base vehicle of any manufacturer, modified to customer’s needs and requirements.


Capybara Life Support Ambulance developed by Technical Panels is built with a flexible exterior configuration concept, which can be built on any base vehicle of any vehicle manufacturer to suit customers’ requirements.


Capybara Cash-in-Transit has a rear walk-in vault and racking system, security access door, a crew area with seating, intercom, siren and PA system. It has a reverse camera system and a DVR system with 8 cameras for all round vehicle visibility.


Capybara SWAT vehicle from Technical Panels is a purpose built armored rescue vehicle designed for the needs of police tactical units and security companies. It can be configured on any make or model of base vehicle. Standard features include inter-locking doors, a roof hatch, visual reversing system, siren and PA system, DVR system with up to twelve cameras and run flat tyres. The B2-B6 steel armored rear compartment has foldable seats for eight persons, racking and a roof hatch.