TP HPPE Panels

TP HPPE panels are the most advanced ballistic protection solutions currently available on the market, having the best weight to ballistic performance ratio. They are made with the lightest material available: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (UHMW-PE), capable of delivering high protection levels at a lower weight compared to traditional steel or other high performance ballistic materials. The panels feature exceptionally high multi-hit capability, providing the user an outstanding degree of safety if hit by multiple projectiles or fragments.

TP HPPE hard ballistic products made of 100% UHMW-PE are manufactured using a proprietary production technology. TP HPPE panels and inserts are pressed from Uni-Directional (UD) fabrics using high pressure presses to achieve superior ballistic performance. Such fabrics combine Polyethylene fibers in a thermoplastic matrix that is capable of absorbing and dispersing high impact energy, such as energy from rifle shots. Each fabric layer has four plies of UD-Polyethylene fiber tapes cross-plied at 00/900/00/900.

TP HPPE inserts are available in a wide range of shapes, from flat plates to complex ergonomic designs. Tailor-made inserts and different finishes, such as coated covers, plastic covers

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TP HPPE was ballistically tested and approved for more than 5 years by independent third party leading laboratories.

TP HPPE panels can stop steel-jacket rounds such as AK-47 MSC (7.62x39mm) and NATO Ball (7.62x51mm). Armor piercing (AP) rounds may be stopped when used in combination with ceramic strike face.


Water Resistance
TP HPPE panels are resistant to humidity and highly resistant to water absorption. The material floats on water.

Edge Protection & Blunt Trauma
Meets and even exceeds the requirements in commonly used standards.

UV & Chemical Resistance
TP HPPE is resistant to UV exposure and to many chemicals including oil and gasoline, enabling panels to maintainperformance integrity in the most hostile environments.

Finishing options
–Rubber coating –Aramid coating
–FGP coating –Fabric coating
–Plastic case–Black paint

TP HPPE is incorporated into various ballistic systems that have passed laboratory tests, indicating compliance with a wide range of commonly used international standards.Rubber coating is used to provide flame resistance in accordance with UK class 3 British standard (BF476 part 7) and according with FR –US class 1 standard. GRP coating provides fire resistance per European DIN 4102-1 standard.

Optimal temperature: -26 ÷+55°C
Storage temperature: -26 ÷+55°C

Cardboard box on wooden pallet, or otherwise according to requirements and regulations.