Owner Profiles

Natakorn Ngamdecho (Nickname : Peter)

Peter is the Major Shareholder however he is a silent one and not involved in the business of Technical Panels.

Joseph De Petro :

Over the last 20 years, Joseph has built a wide ranging group of companies in Asia, now headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. As founder and chairman of SJS group, has built an international group of companies spanning automotive sales and supply, automotive components and accessories, property and logistics services. Joseph’s focus on customer satisfaction and solution based service is essential to Technical Panels drive to match or better our customers' requirements.

Mike Tiller :

Mike has over 10+ years of experience in the composite materials, boat building and composite component businesses. With a background in Naval Architecture and hands on experience in design, production, sales and technical service of both the supply and production sides of the composites industry, he is well placed to help you find a cost effective, practical solution for your composite project.